A window into our journey

Founded in 1995, our vision to enable individuals to reach their life goals hasn't changed. It is our joy to see healing and fulfillment in the lives of the patients we serve every day.

Our Vision

As the regional leader in prosthetic and orthotic care with locations in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas, we offer our patients only the best. Our goal is to meet the life goals and desires of patients through advanced and skilled orthotic and prosthetic care.

I thought that for the rest of my days I would be sitting on the side lines watching the world go by. Since I’ve gotten this prosthetic my life has changed immensely. There isn’t anything I can’t do.

To be involved in the healthcare of others is a great responsibility. We understand that you are looking not only for advanced technology but also for the clinical ability, training and encouragement you need to excel. As a patient at Progressive, your 100% satisfaction is our most important goal, this is what sets us apart from the others. Our commitment to satisfaction brings many of our patients to our clinic seeking a better alternative to their care. Seeing the highest level restored mobility in every single case is what drives us.


We strive to prove that the individuals we serve are most important in every aspect of our practice. To us, this means excellence in our products and service, flexible scheduling, and an extra-mile attitude not often found in the medical industry today. Ultimately, our purpose is to bring credit to the Lord Jesus Christ through our everyday actions and attitudes.

Our Legacy

In November of 1995, Jeff Arnette, CPO, and his wife Kathy, founded our company in Tulsa Oklahoma without contacts, clientele, loan, or real estate. His goal was to build a practice from scratch that partnered with patients to help them return to the life they enjoyed and meet the individual goals they set. Our devotion to serving our patients widened opportunities through word of mouth and Progressive’s presence spread throughout Northeastern Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Our commitment to service has allowed us to partner with an extensive list of leading insurances.

As we have expanded, we have sought to partner with talented clinical staff who are equally passionate about restoring mobility and embrace a team approach to helping patients succeed. As part of our experienced clinical staff, two of Jeff’s sons, Michael and Brandon, have joined the practice as BOC Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist, and third son, Daniel Arnette, has joined as technical staff. All three share Jeff’s vision for providing excellent patient care, and partnering with our customers. Michael has taken on the heart of our patient care model through clinical excellence and personal relationship, while advancing technology and keeping current with the latest prosthetic innovations in socket design and component development. Brandon has a vision for technological advancement and is currently working to move ahead with ground-breaking prosthetic fabrication technologies. Brandon also recently managed Progressive’s transition from old-school charting to an industry leading EMR software. Daniel, has recently joined in our technical staff and helps in the all-important fabrication of our products at our on-site laboratory.

Progressive is a leader in the latest advanced technology, and will continue to maintain priority towards the individuals we serve everyday. It is our distinct pleasure to start our work days helping our patients return to the lifestyle they enjoy through one on one partnership, careful attention to personal goals, and advanced solutions to fit unique needs.

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