Advanced orthotic care

Orthotics and bracing can be life-changing for those facing concerns ranging from foot pain to serious paralysis. We provide custom solutions that allow patients to live life without limits.

On-Site Fabrication

The majority of our bracing systems are fabricated right here at out facility to better customize new technologies in the orthotic industry and offer exciting benefits to the individual. We constantly research new innovations, and have experienced excellent results for our patient family.

Scoliosis Care

We specialize in care for scoliosis, and have achieved significant curve reduction using our in house system. Our founder, Jeff Arnette, serves as our scoliosis specialist due to his experience in this area. Jeff developed his passion while providing orthotic care for the Oakland, CA Children’s hospital.

Unique Cases

We have worked with people who have some unusual and very individual bracing needs, and are willing to take the time to tailor a solution for you. Whether your concern is assistance for partial paralysis or support of a badly damaged joint, our practitioners can confidently handle any prognosis.

orthotic solution

Bilateral Lower Extremity Braces

Goals reached

Maintained his workout regimen

Seeing Jeff within the community achieving his goals makes us grateful to be a part of his story.

Jeff's story

Orthotic Components

In all of our orthotic services we take a custom approach, listening carefully to your needs when forming a plan of care.

We work with a wide variety of need situations—weakened joints, lost muscle function, orthopedic stabilization, fractures, offloading and others. Our practitioners hold certifications in multiple orthotic systems, and we leverage our experience and in-house fabrication facility to create a solution that matches your unique situation.

Orthotic Products

Some of the orthotic products we provide include:

  • Advanced stance control orthoses for limb paralysis
  • Ankle foot orthoses
  • Knee orthoses for knee pain and stabilization
  • Fracture bracing
  • Custom bracing for orthopedic stabilization post-surgery
  • Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses
  • Spinal bracing

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