Join our support group

We provide extended support for amputees and their families through scheduled activities where amputees can get together and share experiences around fun activities.

Excellent prosthetic care is crucial for rehabilitation after amputation, but healing is more than just getting on your feet.

Losing a limb has a profound effect, leaving physical and emotional damage. In addition to effective prosthetic care- restoring mobility to the individual, there is an emotional need. Meeting other amputees will help give you a support system.

We recognize this, and to help show you we have enlisted the help of the best people we know: amputees, just like you, who have been there before. We organize events where amputees can share experiences and go about living life as an amputee.

Also, if you are new amputee, we would really like to help you. We have a team of amputee peer visitors who would love to visit with you.

Get Involved

We hold several activities in partnership with other organizations and will have the information posted on our Facebook page or in our facilities. Please contact us for a calendar of upcoming events and to learn how you can get involved.

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